• A naturopath assists with health using natural medicines to increase the vitality of the individual.  Women of all ages have sought advice from naturopaths previously during pregnancy, birth, children's health,  to assist with menstrual and other women's health disorders,  all the way to menopause.  Naturopaths are well educated in nutrition and dietary and lifestyle advice. 

  • A doula is a non medical support person for a woman during labour and birth in particular, however you will meet before and after the birth as well.  There is a lot of evidence showing that continuous support during labour has many benefits including: greater birth satisfaction, reduction of interventions such as epidural, less chance of surgical and instrumental birth and less pain experienced. 


Emma graduated from the Southern School of Natural Therapies in 2001, with Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy.  She then added natural therapies to her therapeutic massage business, with a special interest in treating pregnancy, babies and children. She worked in private practice in Kew for many years, assisting families with their needs, whilst continuing part time study in small business management and homoeopathy.  In December, 2005, Emma attended an intensive program at the ML Dhawale memorial homoeopathic hospital in Palghar, India.  This gave inspiration for a group of us to set up a volunteer homoeopathy clinic at the Sacred Heart Mission Clinic in St.Kilda, where Emma volunteered for many years.  Emma currently resides in Mount Eliza and in 2014 embarked on further study in Midwifery at Australian Catholic University.  University lecturers inspired her to become a doula to do professional birth support and now birth education where she has completed certification through Lamaze, an evidence based birth education program.  Emma has attended over 20 births, over 50 labours and hundreds of incidences of antenatal and postnatal care to date.  She plans on completing Midwifery study, combining her natural therapies, with a goal of becoming an independent midwife eventually.  She has a history of educating nutrition and naturopath students on issues pertinent to childbearing women and also facilitates meditation and relaxation groups. 

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