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Doula and Naturopath in Mount Eliza, Southern Bayside and surrounding Mornington Peninsula areas. Home visit and Zoom available. 
Home visit available up to an hours drive from Mount Eliza.


We are proud to offer a unique blend of expertise and woman-centered care for women in all stages of life and health. 



Doula Birth and Postnatal Support


A doula prepares a woman for birth and provides support to a woman during labour and birth and early postnatal period.  Evidence shows that women are more likely to birth naturally with less interventions, cope better with pain and have better birth satisfaction with professional doula support and non pharmacological coping techniques. She may also help you adjust to postnatal life with in home support in the first few weeks or months of life. 



A naturopath uses natural medicines to assist health and wellbeing after taking extensive health history.  Treatment is individualised and may benefit women presenting with various conditions including those experienced by childbearing women.  May include nausea, reflux, anxiety, pain and preparation of labour as well as lactation, infant and postnatal concerns.  

Pregnancy & Labour Massage


Massage can be beneficial to assist with various pregnancy problems.  It is also useful during early labour and active labour for relaxation and pain management.  It is important to find a practitioner who has education and experience working with childbearing women as needs during pregnancy differ. Guided relaxation techniques and other support may be beneficial during your session. You may also benefit from massage in the postnatal period to help recover from the labour and birth.



Classical homoeopathy and flower essences are of particular benefit to women during pregnancy, labour and postnatal period as they have low risk of adverse effects,  are economical and effective.  Homoeopathy also has low risk of adverse effects for newborn and infants.  It is important to get professionally prescribed remedies especially during this vulnerable period.  Remedies may be useful for various pregnancy ailments, labour concerns and postnatal pain. 

Meditation and Healing


Meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques are very important to help women cope during pregnancy and particularly during labour and birth.  Various techniques help with relaxation and pain relief, and strongly assist you to achieve a non-pharmacological labour and birth. Emma has experience in both private and group sessions. 

The very best of care... naturally

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Emma Wright

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